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Welcome to the Crescent Park Residents' Council Online
last update March 5, 2016

Current Elected Residents' Council: Sheila Marrow President,
Sandra Nedley - Treasurer, Located 5004 Hartnett Ave. Richmond, CA 94804
Phone: 510- 412-0300 (Council Office)

For emergency help with rent assistance and forclosures contact
Shelter Inc. of Contra Costa Application Process Call 925-338-1038 between 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. one time only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (except holidays)

For maintenance: help with clogged pipes etc... 510-307-1424

All Around Towing : Phone 925-752-6696 They will pick up residents' cars for free if they want to get rid of them. Discount on towing for residents of Crescent Park when they call us. (Information verified Nov 26, 2014)

• The Residents' Council meets every second Wednesday of each month
5-7pm at 5004 Hartnett Ave. Next Resident Council Meeting
March 5, 2016.


August 7th, 2012 The 4th Annual Block Party happened. Crescent Park enjoys police-community partnership during National Nightout. Many residents were in attendance along with RPD officers at 5004 Hartnett Ave. Richmond, CA 94804

sandra Nedley and Officer Lewis at Crescent Park 2012 National Nightout


March 29, 2012 SF 49er Mr. Vernon Davis hosts community art event for children in Crescent Park. Davis continues to foster his passion for art through personal paintings and charitable projects through the Davis Family Foundation which supports inner-city youth arts programs including the annual "Vernon Davis Visual Arts Scholarship" which supports young, aspiring artists in conjunction with the San Francisco Arts Commission.


Crescent Park's Redevelopment

Crescent Park Greens Up
Our 1960s Housing Complex is Moving Forward to a 21st-Century Showcase. This $60 million dollar renovation of 378 units, shared outdoor green spaces and community center is a rooftop outfitted with nearly one-megawatt of photovoltaic panels making this the largest affordable housing solar installation in the United States.

Okamoto Saijo Architecture designs green buildings.
Since 1991, the firm has successfully stayed within budget on large scale affordable housing renovations; infused private residences with green materials and passive solar features; and enhanced community centers in support of neighborhood revitalization. OSA places special emphasis on integrity, practicality and quality.

Okamoto Saijo Architecture



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March 29, 2012 SF 49er Mr. Vernon Davis hosts community art event for children in Crescent Park...

Our History
The original Crescent Park Residents' Council was organized in 1990 by a group of residents concerned about the proposed rent increase by the owners of the complex at that time. Due to their efforts, the increase was not at the level proposed by the management company.

Residents agreed that the group should continue to meet, bylaws were written, elections held, and the group became the Crescent Park Residents' Council. Since its formation, the Council has held regular monthly meetings open to all residents, participated in Neighborhood Councils, and organized Crescent Park community events including Easter Egg Hunts for the children. In 1994, the combined vision and efforts of the Council and EAH personnel made the Multi-Cultural Family Resource Center a reality.

In 2010, Crescent Park Residents' Council receives an award from the city of Richmond for its crime prevention efforts.


(Multiplying the Positive Concept developed by resident Ronald Blodgett June 2009.) People holding hands in a circle symbolize positive action and teamwork in this concept. Developed under the creative direction of the Residents' Council members, the Crescent Park Residents' Council brand creates empowering touchpoints in people's lives through the things they do. We developed a list of 89 key words thought to be associated with the essence of the brand without simply relying on words in the mission, values, and vision statement. The list is then reduced to the most essential and descriptive key words – teamwork, care, togetherness, communication, center, family, symbolic, circle, security, leadership, analytical, integration, and growth. All are equally essential. What is on the surface of the brand is just as important as the other brand characteristics. According to Webster’s dictionary, “Gestalt is a physical, psychological or symbolic configuration or pattern so unified as a whole that its properties cannot be derived from its parts.” All brand characteristics should work together, just as musical notes structured and arranged in a certain way work together forming a delightful melody. When design speaks, people listen.

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